The Villa Job vineyard is located on the Friuli Pozzuolo plateau. At 90 meters above sea level, it is called 'the Hills' or 'the Terraces' by geologists and is surrounded by forest and the Cormor river. This creates highly complex and varied soils: sand, silt, clay, sandstone & marl. And classic Friuli varietals are planted here - Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon, Ribolla, Tocai, Refosco & Schioppettino. 

Alessandro & Lavinia have stayed true to the land - they farm biodynamically - the wine is made with native yeast only and very little if any sulfites. To quote them...."producing wine is a moment of joy and happiness. We are indeed proud of having the honour to represent our territory and put it in our bottles. In doing that we are employing methods which are aimed at improving and enriching biodiversity within our wineyard and around it"

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