"drinking a great wine should be like
shaking hands with a mountain -
you're drinking the very land where the vines grow,
not the attenuated expression of a winemaker's ego."

-andrew jefford

drinkOKwines is the reflection of my passion for wine
- after years drinking wine,
I found that the wines I loved most were made in a true reflection of their place.
And I wanted to share that with you!


My producers make wine from grapes, without chemicals, additives etc. The theme of the book is natural wines, which may be a controversial label.
To me, natural wines are wines made without laboratory yeasts, and without the many additives that find their way into a majority of wine and food.
For me, wine is food, and therefore should be grown in as natural way as climate and soil (terroir) allow. The producers in the portfolio will be shepherds, or
"nurses for the grapes and land", as Elisabetta Faguoli likes to say.

Owen Kotler is a classically trained musician who has traveled extensively in Europe, Asia & N.America playing concerts and sampling the local food & wine.
Born in the Bronx, Owen studied at the High School of Music and Art and the Manhattan School of Music with the great clarinet teacher, Leon Russianoff. He continues to play on Broadway and various music festivals as well as charity concerts around the world.
Pursuing his love of wine and food, he divides his time between Seattle and New York with significant time spent in pursuit of new producers all over the world.
In addition to a lifetime of learning, Owen received a vinification/viticulture diploma from American Sommelier Association in 2002.

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