A sailing trip with a hike around the land where Castellaro currently stands inspired Massimo & Stefania to begin Tenuta Castellaro! Their commitment to the land and to restore the wine tradition of the Aeolian island, Lipari, has been a labor of love - and a whole lot of really hard work.
Partnering with Salvo Foti, they seek to be stewards of these lands, restoring the old traditions and allowing the wines to be true representatives of their place - Lipari!

Our vineyards are kissed by the warm sun and caressed by the Aeolian sea breeze, which regales them with intense fragrances and aromas. We process them personally by hand, vine by vine. We believe that our natural wines are the true expression of the varietals, of the men and women, and of the land in which they are produced.

The wine of the Castellaro estate are incredibly unique for many reasons - the land, the pre-phylloxera vines and of course, the people who make the difficult choices and do the very hard work of recovering these volcanic lands that had been left un-tended for hundreds of years.
To keep the typical grapes of this place and to be "radical environmentally-sustainable" requires great sacrifice and commitment. We believe it is worth it!

The team at Castellaro have decided to exclude all forms of mechanized, chemical intervention and to do everything by hand. To honor the old ways and "embrace extreme viticulture with strength and generosity".

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