Domaine Sébastien David

Located in St. Nicolas de Bourgueil, Domaine Sébastien David is an estate that dates back to 1634. In fact, his grandfather was part of the group that created the AOC Saint-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil in 1937. Since 1999, they have remained organic, biodynamics and are now exploring permaculture.....

you see, the wine and land runs in his blood - literally!

In the late 1990's, Sébastien was making fruit wine and traveling in the States when his grandfather passed away and his grandmother asked him to home. The family owns 15 hectares of Cabernet Franc with the vines aged 35-100 years old and someone needed to make the wine. And so with his first vintage in 1999, Sébastien became the 15th generation winemaker of his family.

Sébastien believes in the energy of the land and utilizes concrete eggs as well as amphorea. The pH here in st. Nicolas is higher due to more sand in the soil and the concrete allows him to honor the more floral notes of Cabernet Franc rather than the green pepper notes you might get from Chinon.

There is never any use of SO2 - ever!
in vineyards only biodynamic preparations if anything is used

in the winery (cellar):
Native yeast only
Zero additives
some wines are not destemmed
some carbonic maceration

click on the labels for details on the specific wines:

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