Les Clos Perdus is a small winery located in the village of Peyriac de Mer, Languedoc. Originally founded by Paul Old and Hugo Stewart, the name Les Clos Perdus (Lost Vineyards) reflects their discovery of select parcels of old vines that are scattered throughout the hillsides around their village. Most of the small vineyards selected had been disregarded by larger producers because of their isolation, their low cropping potential and their inability to be machine worked.

It was over a decade ago that a simple trip to visit a friend in the Languedoc inspired Paul & Hugo. The majesty of the old vines and the vast range of grape varieties, soils, climate and terrain was inspiring. They believed that the full expression and potential of some of the regions’ many terroirs were yet to be realized and hoped that if encouraged, the roots of the vines would dig deep. That biodynamic farming would greatly improve the diversity of life within the soil and that the wines could be an expression of that terroir - that the vines themselves would tell how to proceed.

So in 2003, Paul & Hugo started Les Clos Perdus with a 1.5 hectares purchase of vines in the Corbières Maritime.

The following year, more small parcels were aquired in the hills of Corbières and on the schistose slopes of the Agly Valley.

With care and respect for the earth, the vines and by listening to the land in its entirety, change began. Gradually, the moon-like landscape began to slowly transformed into one of greater diversity, amazing color and life. Every year brings a return of more plants and insects while the structure of the soil has been greatly enriched, showing us an increase in vitality that is also happening below the soil. Over time the vines are finding a balance within the diversity of their new, NATURAL world.

12 years later, Les Clos Perdus has been fortunate to find and acquire 20 hectares across 32 parcels in the Languedoc. All are organic and bio–dynamic vines. They have established unique terroirs which are reflected in the wines: Mire La Mer from The Corbières Maritimes, Prioundo from the High Corbières and L’Extrême from the Agly Valley in the Roussillon. The Cuvee is a blend as the seasons and vintages dictate.

Over time the wines have become more balanced and seem to carry a greater complexity and a stronger expression of their terroir.

Although Hugo has stepped away from the project, Paul and his team now carry a body of knowledge built up during the short, but intensely lived, history of Les Clos Perdus. With humility, a sense of humor and the ever-present gratitude to the earth, Paul and team at Les Clos Perdus will draw on their accumulated expertise, while going forward with the same sense of exploration and innocence that has characterized the beginnings.

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