We were visiting Burgundy a number of years ago and decided on an Owen-style side-trip to visit with Stéphane Otheguy in the northern-most tip of the Rhone.  When he mentioned his friend, Francois had been helping in the cellar and was also making wine, we were curious.  Would we like to taste? 
OF COURSE, we would love to taste!!!

And honestly, we were blown away!  Francois had to run pick up his kids so Owen walked him to his car. In that perfect broken French-broken English conversation, they managed to communicate that we wanted to continue talking.  Well, it took a few years for Francois & Claire to have enough wine to sell but one taste reminded us both of how special and delicious the wines are!

Just west of Dijon lays the little hamlet of Mailan and the birth home of Francois and Claire Bouillot-Salomon.  So when Francois sent a message to say that they were thinking of taking on the land in Burgundy, we were a bit worried. Tasting their wines this year, fears were put to rest!

For although they now split their time between the Rhone and Burgundy, rest assured, the quality remains amazing!

While supply is limited, the wines are so specific in their terroir - it literally blows us both away every time.


from Compass Wines:

"There is little debate amongst wine geeks that Cote Rotie (and sister appellation Hermitage) are the birthplace of world class Syrahs. Yes, there are great ones from Washington, California, South Africa and Australia, but the kings of the hill are the Northern Rhones. Both Hermitage and Cote Rotie can age for decades and in the hands of a master, can elicit 'oohs and aahs' right up there with the top wines of Burgundy and Bordeaux. The one drawback is price. Top bottlings of these appellations can easily top three figures and we have one in the shop that tops four. However...there is an option that the masses can afford. Francois and Claire Bouillot-Salomon produce a tiny of amount of stellar Cote Rotie, but they also have a tiny tract of Syrah that is literally across the alley from the appellation boundary. The net result is a microscopic amount of Syrah, made by a producer of Cote Rotie from grapes that are literally feet away from being allowed to be used in the flagship wine. This wine is nutso good with smoked meat, cracked pepper, dense layers of cassis and damson. Textbook Cote Rotie for a fraction of the cost. The downside is that they basically make only one barrel per year, which amounts to about 25 cases for the entire planet....."

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