The great, great, et. grandfather of the Scilanga brothers (and the namesake of Vincenzo) was born in Cirò - in 1701. So one could say that the land is the blood of Francesco and Vincenzo Scilanga. To rebuild old vineyards and to have a production philosophy that is respectful of the vineyard and attentive to the dictates of natural winemaking is to honor the history and the blood of the Scilanga family.

Vincenzo and Francesco Scilanga have made it their passion to honor their origins and their culture with one goal: produce natural wines, with indigenous yeasts, use of low-sulfur thus reflecting the distinctive characteristics unique to Cirò. They are passionate to restore old, indenginous varietal's and ancient ways of growing. Currently with 9 hectares of vineyard, only native varietials are planted & all wines made by Cote di Franze originate from the Cirò territory, (in particular the Franze plain).

It is the piece of land one would not think to grow anything - it is behind the village. The sea is not visible and there is little water & it is windy.

Perhaps that is why the ancients used small trees to assist the vines with planting pattern at 1m x 1m. The Scilanga brothers utilize this method in their vineyards.

“We grow two ancient native varieties, Gaglioppo and Greek White (Greco Bianco), using natural methods, from selected vineyards of our property.”

We take care of the soil because it is our resource, we take care of the landscape because we live”

Cultivating grapevine with love brings greatest satisfactions.”

The Scilanga brothers have truly shown what is possible in Calabria - naturally and without use of chemical. Try it! We think you'll agree that they are doing a fantastic job

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