Achillée and the Dietrich family

The ancients believed “that yarrow was a divine gift from the heavens bestowed upon humanity so that we could communicate with Heaven.”

Rudolf Steiner, the father of biodynamic agriculture, believed that yarrow is a carrier of spirit and brings cosmic forces into the earth. It is vital in one of the important preparations working to enlive the soil. Steiner said that you can never have enough yarrow on your land. It “radiates” so strongly that it is providing health by just growing there.

Yarrow is a nutrient accumulator. Its deep roots mine the subsoil for potassium, phosphorus, and copper, making it a nutrient-rich mulch. Because of its ability to fertilize, it is often used to increase fruit production.

Achillée is French for Yarrow.

The Dietrich family has been growing grapes organically since 1999 and biodynamic since 2003. They have built the largest straw building in Europe as their winery. Jean has worked for Ostertag, Deiss and Jean Paul Schmitt: Pierre has a degree in finance. In 2016, they came home to join their father, Yves.

With their family and friends, they have created Achillée - incredible vineyards producing amazing wines!

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