The aim of Nicoletta and the growers she works with is to recover the ancient local winemaking tradition. They grow naturally ~ shepherding the ancient vines through each season with great care. These are endemic varietals ~ rare and only seen in these amazing hills. Less then 50 hectares of these disappearing varieties currently exist in the world!

The Keratzuda vineyard is worked with horses only as the density of the vines cannot be worked with machines. Both wines are vinified with long skin contact, keeping the stems partly & spontaneous fermentation.

The area of Melnik has the longest and most important quality wine tradition in the Balkans: the wines made here were already exported and traded by the Venetian and Dubrovnik merchants in the late Middle Ages, and were well known to the aristocratic palates in Europe. It is even rumored to be one of the favorite wine of Winston Churchill.

As you can see from the pictures above, this place is priceless! And as Nicoletta says:

"This project means a lot for all of us, this area has a lot of dignity and character, which the world seems to have forgotten and we feel it almost as a " mission" to recover this ancient terroir and save it from disappearing."

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