We asked if we could represent Meinklang in California and we were told yes.  Several months later, we received a note from a distributor in California that they were carrying Meinklang and we should stop selling.  Asking for clarification, we were told that we had never been told we could represent them in California.  Despite many emails proving that we had indeed been told we could represent them in California, we were called liars by the owners and employees of Meinklang.  As a result, we have parted ways. 

I feel confused and sad by this turn of events.  We strive to always do best for our producers!  We ALWAYS pay immediately (a lot of importers do not).  We believe in the vignerons and the wine!  And while we are a growing company, our sales are good.  So to be called a liar by a vigneron when the email proof is clear is disheartening and sad.  I wish things could have gone differently!

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