Bryan is an artist who started making wine
with some friends in 2002.
Now whenever I hear a story like that I think -
"yea, well, proof is in the bottle, dude, so prove it"

And you know what - he really has!
Not only is he a super cool guy but he makes amazing wine.

He has all these great stories of driving around northern California - up in the hills - looking and finding tiny little vineyards with forgotten varietals that (more importantly) have been farmed without use of pesticides and all the other evil humans do to the earth in the name of production.

His wine-making technique allows the grapes to speak -
he does this by utilizing:

small lots fermentation

neutral oak

no temperature manipulations

no filtration, no fining

racked once to bottling tank

minimal sulfur additions

When you drive up to this random warehouse just outside the Dogpatch neighborhood in San Francisco, you would never imagine that such incredible wine could be coming out of this winery tucked behind a metal shop.

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