Franck grew up in the Chatillon area of the Vallée de la Marne with a father who grew grapes and made wine. After serving in the military and a brief stint as a mechanical engineer, Franck answered the call of the family business.

I've had a hard time trying to concisely describe Franck, Isabelle & their approach to the vineyard, the wine, biodynamics & bio-energy. The story is that Franck had a rude awakening when he was about to spray pesticides in a vineyard one day and recognized one of the ingredients as something the military had in it's chemical warfare arsenal. He was appalled, horrified even - and decided to do things differently. Somewhere along the line, he met Francois Bouchet who is an expert in the field of biodynamics & vines. Francois helped him in so many ways and Franck began to see the incredible benefits of the biodynamic work in the vineyard and in the winery. When Isabelle was diagnosed with cancer, their journey took a turn. She discovered bio-energy work which put her cancer into remission with very little chemo or all the other poison used to treat cancer. They decided to try it with their wines; they found the vines and wines responded incredibly well.

All these things can sound so hocus pocus and weird until you have the wine....until you sit down with Franck & Isabelle. They have such an incredible understanding of the vines and all that encompasses the vineyards.
Such an incredible relationship with the earth!

But the proof is in the pudding (or wine in this case) - and these wines are AMAZING! So hocus-pocus or not, I'm going with it! Franck Pascal Champagnes take grower champagne to the next level and beyond. The wines are as incredible as their parents - Franck & Isabelle!!

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