Davide Bentivegna is a force to be reckoned with and one of the most passionate voices for the return to natural viticulture in Etna. After spending years and years abroad working for Siemens, Davide decided to return to his roots and to his passion. He began acquiring vineyards, orchards and other fertile land in 2008 while still working for Siemens.
As the people of Etna learned of his desire to save the old vineyards and the old ways of growing, more and more land became available to him - vineyards, orchards, olive groves, untouched land. And Davide stands behind his commitment to help keep the land whole and natural even paying when there is no production during a bad year.

When we met with Davide during our trip to Sicily, his passion for keeping the lands of Etna pure and true was palpable. He drove in the terrifying manner of all Italians on small, winding roads stopping abruptly to check out this vineyard or the other....showing us the old vines and all the wildness growing in these incredibly natural places. We walked in the fields, picking salad for our lunch and learning of the land.

Sicily is a land of contradiction and beauty. Mount Etna towers over the land where rugged men & women struggle in the fields:
not so far away are the beaches and cities where beautifully coifed men & women lunch. The incredible beauty is jaw-dropping and rugged as are the roads....and everywhere vineyards with gnarled, bush-trained vines that seem as old as this place. Some are obviously in use and some are obviously in disrepair - abandoned yet stunning.

Davide and a small group of like-minded vignerons are reviving the ancient ways and caring for these vineyards. They are producing wines from indigenous grapes, grown without chemical fertilizers or sprays and fermented with only native yeasts - allowing you, the drinker, to visit this astounding place by raising a glass....trust us, the wines from these courageous vignerons will captivate and enthrall you!

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