When Emmanuel started out in 1985, it was a hard road! Not only was land in Burgundy scarce and expensive but no one trusted a vigneron who wanted to work organically (let alone biodynamically). But Emmanuel persevered and today Domaine Emmanuel Giboulot farms and makes wine from Saint Romain - Côte de Beaune, Rully premier cru "La Pucelle", Côte Chalonnaise and Hautes-Côtes de Nuits.

The man himself has become a prominent figure and mentor as well as a vocal advocate for biodynamic wine in Burgundy. And Emmanuel stands by his beliefs and by his vines! So much so that he was convicted in December of 2014 and fined 1000 euro - even threatened with jail time for defying the French government in his denial to spray chemicals on his vineyards. Prosecuted under article 251-20 of the rural code for "failing to apply an insecticide treatment to his vineyard", Emmanuel's conviction drew intense criticism and was overturned on appeal.

from Emmanuel - "there is a social problem here – the impact of agricultural practices and the use of pesticides on the quality of produce and therefore on human health. Burgundy, which has vineyards of exceptional quality, should be promoting practices which respect the environment."

His wines reflect his precision & integrity - they are
truly reflective of the terroir in which they are born!

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